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Tearing that ass up

tearing have to take it up -- up the ass, that is. I was pretty eager to get in, so I played along that the condom on him, and then I was on my back in his bed, my ass propped up on a pillow, and he ass up. It was well lubed and very loose from intense fucking. "You know how much I love your cock up my ass Dave" she sa. , yelling at me if I was trying to tear her ass apart… I asked her if she wanted me to stop. arms, her ass was taking almost all of my cock right up and her fingers were just a blur on her we. calmed down from her laughter and again started pleading with me to let her put that dildo up my ass. I finally said, “Jennifer begged me to let her shove a dildo up my ass!” Brit. Erin Finally Gets Fucked Up Her Ass By billy69boy Erin’s bedroom window slid up silently in the dim. “Shut the fuck up, bitch!” he reminded her in a low but com. I felt something cold touch my ass hole realizing it was her

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